Where it all began

It all began with my love of drawing and Art.

I studied Art and Art History at sixth form level and had a fantastic art teacher, that encouraged me to explore things within the field of art. I went on a school trip to Amsterdam, visiting museums and knew I just wanted to be in a world of colour.

After leaving sixth form in 1987 I headed onto York College of Art and Design Technology where I studied for a Certificate in Art and Design. The course gave me the opportunity to try various aspects of Art, screen printing, photography, sculpture, design and life drawing.

Now its the autumn of 1988 and an invitation to Staffordshire Polytechnic to study for a BA Hons in Fine Art awaits. Set right in the Potteries, the home of Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Stanley Matthews and Robbie Williams!

In preparation for my final year degree show I spent time down on the Cornish coast sketching the coastline and creating abstract pieces of work that captured the light and magic of one of Britains most beautiful coastlines. Colour was now becoming more important that the image. I kept colour and image separate, chosing to create black and white sketches and use colour to create abstraction.

Its 1991, I graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art and spent the summer working for Phillips Auctioneers in Leeds in the painting department. The next 25 years were spent in various jobs in many different kinds of industries, banking, with a fashion designer, auction house, catering, sales, retail, administration. Then around about 7 years ago I started painting furniture on a night after work. Selling it to friends or on the internet. I remember a small tripod coffee table I'd painted and sold to a lady who wanted it for her cottage in France, I was just so happy and just wanted to paint furniture all day every day, that was it.

My dream wasnt going to get realised for a few more years but i continued to paint furniture and sold it. Then April 2014 my employment status changed, I was out of a job and that is when I made the leap into self employment. The rest, they say, is History.

From drab to fab. Let me help you change the look of your furniture. Its probably been in the family for years and has been moved from pillar to post because its so useful,well made and well loved. Let me turn your ideas into reality, helping you find the colour and finish suitable for the item. Feel free to get in touch.