Where it all began

 I love colour, art and all things creative! Let me help you give your furniture a new lease of life and turn drab into fab.

My degree in Fine Arts taught me many things but what stands out to me now is that colour makes me happy - it’s like going to the gym, but without the sweat! I’d been transforming furniture for friends and family for a few years when I realised that all my spare time was spent with a paint brush in my hand. So, in 2014 I made the leap from the 9 to 5 and founded the Harrogate Furniture Painter.

When I see a piece of furniture, I see its potential – it might look a bit battered or tired but I get excited about what it will become. I’ll work with you to find the perfect style, whether it be an aged crackle finish or a sleek, contemporary pop of colour. Together, we can create something that’ll be a real focal point or a complementary addition to your existing interior decor

From dr​ab to fab. Let me help you change the look of your furniture. Its probab​ly been in the family for years and has been move​d from pillar to post because its so useful,well made and well loved. Let me turn your ideas into reality, helping you find the colour and finish suitable for the item. Feel free to get in touch.